Precision Maintenance – The Key to Success

High end operating efficiencies cannot be achieved without high end reliability of all critical equipment in a facilities production line. In order to achieve maximum reliability, precision maintenance of equipment must be performed in a highly professional manner. When performing maintenance on all critical pieces of equipment, trades people must be provided detailed instructions which include equipment limits and tolerances, tolerances for wear and deterioration, and all other required specifications such as belt tensions, bolt torques, oil type and quantity, etc. to achieve a high degree of precision maintenance on every piece of critical equipment.

With limited manpower allocation at all levels in organizations, companies can rarely obtain internal resources with experience and expertise to bring them to this new level of operating efficiency. Without the required customized documentation on “precision maintenance” for critical equipment, companies will not achieve those high end efficiencies.


Precision Maintenance Audit

PRRinc can perform an audit of a paper mills’ paper machine rolls management and maintenance system for comparison with World Class Facilities, and provide guidance on closing the gap between the two; and exceeding those standards. PRRinc provides training, software tools, and a system for paper mill managers and trades people to professionally manage and maintain paper machine rolls to World Class Standards, and beyond, with precision maintenance. precision maintenance software tools include a quality control system used when rebuilding paper machine rolls and is customized to include critical inspections along with critical fits of the various roll designs throughout a mill’s paper machine and down-stream equipment lines. This is achieved by providing a comprehensive set of customized inspection forms for all critical fits for different sizes and types of bearings, bearing housings, and journals. Roll head fits are included, as well as a list of all critical inspections which must be performed on the various roll designs.


ISO 9001 Certified Precision Maintenance

Examples of the various customized inspection forms that are included in a package can be seen here. Each digital inspection form can be hard copied for the field, or used on a laptop, and later stored in a roll’s history data base. All critical fit and size tolerances are included. When used on a laptop each form has internal auto-calculations for size and shape measurements, and results are high-lighted in red for any of the sizes and fits that are out of tolerance.

It is recommended that the customized precision maintenance packages be certified to ISO 9001*. This ensures that a company is committed to and will continue to perform only precision maintenance. Subjectivity has no place in precision maintenance and reliability.

Precision Maintenance Software can also be provided for a management system to track in-service and spare rolls.


How We Work

At the start of the project, PRRinc will perform an equipment audit of a facilities’ process line, and review all historical data to determine the ‘probability of failure’ for each entity in that line. Criticality Summary Sheets will then be developed for review by the facilities’ Production and Maintenance Groups. Several man-days, in 2 to 3 hour intervals, are required from each of the facilities’ Production and Maintenance Groups during the project. Work flow efficiencies dictate that all spare parts (with stock numbers and locations), tools, equipment and materials be included in each instruction package for equipment precision maintenance and overhauls. One individual from each of these groups is required to review each entity, in a group setting, with PRRinc to score each piece of equipment for criticality ranking. The equipment in the two top ranking groups requires precision maintenance while the equipment in the two lower ranking groups receive their regular maintenance.